Screening for the early stage of lung cancer using Low-Dose CT (LDCT)

Cost*: 7,500 THB

This package is valid until June 30, 2022

Screening for the early stage of lung cancer using Low-Dose CT, LDCT

Bumrungrad International Hospital offers lung cancer screening test service by using a low-dose computed tomography (LDCT). LDCT method uses small amount of radiation to make detailed 3D-images of your lungs for the early detection of lung cancer and provides better resolution than a conventional chest x-ray.
According to clinical studies, the results showed that having a LDCT screening test annually could reduce the death rate caused by lung cancer up to 20% among risk groups. This is due to the early detection of cancer during asymptomatic conditions leads to more successful in treatment and recovery. Moreover, using the LDCT screening test, patients are exposed to radiation less than a standard-dose chest computed tomography (CT).

Who should take this screening test and will get maximum benefits

  1. Heavy smokers, whose age is 55 years or above, who smoke 2o cigarettes per day for the past 30 years constantly or 4o cigarettes per day for the past 15 years constantly, including the ones who quitted smoking for less than 15 years.
  2. Having been exposed to a harmful environment for a long period, especially where Asbestos is present.
  3. Having a record of chronic lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or chronic bronchitis.

People who does not meet the criteria in above group, but probable gains benefits from LDCT screening

  1. Having a family member who smokes.
  2. Having a family member who suffered from lung cancer.

*** Must be 40 years old or above and no record of any cancer.

This promotion is not suitable for…

  1. Persons whose age is less than 40 years old to avoid unnecessary exposure to the radiation.
  2. Persons during pregnancy or planning for pregnancy.

*** For those who have recovered from lung cancer or other types of cancer for less than 5 years, if the test is necessary, standard-dose chest CT is recommended for the diagnosis.


Conditions :

  • This promotion applies to the OPD case only.
  • Price includes the outpatient services, nursing services, LDCT lung screening test, radiologist and doctor fees for initial diagnosis and test results interpretation.  
  • Price excludes other doctor consultation fees, medicines and any additional expenses incurred not included in the Promotion.
  • This promotion is non-refundable in all conditions
  • The result will be reported within three hours after taking the test.

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